Can Passive Exercise Machines Improve Health?

Passive exercise machines are the latest exercise technology. They use vibration therapy to stimulate muscles and increase circulation. Some machines require participants to stand on rotating plates to stabilize their bodies, while others allow their legs to move without their involvement. They can help people lose weight and improve their health. However, these machines cannot provide the same health benefits as active exercise.

One popular passive exercise is Whole-Body Vibration, which activates the body’s stress response by vibrating the entire body. This type of machine has pivotal and lineal vibration settings, and clients can set the level of intensity to meet their needs. In addition to reducing stress, Whole-Body Vibration machines can improve a client’s posture, increase blood flow and increase range of motion.

Studies have shown that passive exercise can improve cardiovascular health. It has been shown to augment blood flow and help alleviate post-surgical DVT. However, until the late 1990s, the peripheral hemodynamic response to passive exercise was unclear. In a study by Radegran and Saltin, researchers investigated the relationship between blood pressure and muscle contraction during passive exercise. In the study, participants underwent passive exercise prior to a dynamic single leg knee extension. Participants showed significant increases in blood flow after the first passive movement, and their blood flow peaked at least four duty cycles after the onset of movement.

Passive exercise machines are often installed in homes, and can be useful tools for rehabilitation programs. One example of this is the leg machine, which is used in rehabilitation after knee surgery. This device promotes tissue repair and growth after the procedure, as well as increases range of motion. Moreover, because it is non-weight-bearing, it reduces the risk of injury. Passive exercise machines are also beneficial for people with physical disabilities, as they can improve lower-body mobility and circulation.

In addition, passive exercise increases cerebral blood flow, which improves executive function and mental health. Studies on the benefits of passive exercise are not as conclusive as those of active exercise. Most researchers have only hypothesized the benefits of passive exercise, but it is possible that the effects are similar. There are some benefits to passive exercise that are worth studying.

Vibration exercise machines also increase lymphatic drainage. They help rid the body of toxins and prevent new illnesses from developing. Additionally, they help people lose weight. This is because they encourage the lymphatic system to push stored fat out of the body. This results in a reduction of cortisol, a hormone known to increase the fat around the abdomen.

Passive exercise machines help older people prevent joint inflammation and pain by helping people stay active at home. Unlike traditional physical therapy, PBTE is a much less expensive and time-consuming way to exercise. They can even be used while watching television at home.

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