Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Exhibition to celebrate Tchaikovsky's birthday

The Yekaterinburg Opera and Ballet Theatre said Thursday it will host an exhibition dedicated to the set design, sculpture, painting and children’s drawings that originated in Tchaikovsky’s homeland.

The exhibition is honor of the famous Russian composer’s 175th birthday and includes many remarkable works of art.

Tamara G. Starzhenetskaya (1912-2002) was a theater artist who created classic set designs for all of the ballets and operas composed by Tchaikovsky. The display will feature six of her sketches for creating the scenery of the opera “Eugene Onegin” and the ballet “Sleeping Beauty.” These illustrations are on loan from the Museum of History and Culture located in Votkinsk.

Alexander Krivoshein is a member of Russia’s Union of Artists, created six wooden sculptures to honor the creativity and personality of Tchaikovsky. Two of Krivoshein’s most famous sculptures will be at the event. One is "Evening Melody," which depicts the composer when he was 8 years old. Another is "A. Tchaikovsky," which features the composer’s mother.

Elena Rufoc, another member of Russia’s Union of Artists, will display portraits of Tchaikovsky. The portraits were painted in the artistic styles of the 19th and 20th centuries.

AN Sorochkin organized and planned the art that will be featured in the display called “PI Tchaikovsky – through the eyes of children.” Twenty different participants created more than one thousand drawings for the exhibit.