Saturday, June 23, 2018

Rostelecom partners in Generation I children's internet contest

Russian telecommunications provider Rostelecom announced recently that it has become a partner of the all-Russian Generation I children's internet contest.

Submissions of themed internet projects will be accepted in three categories: education, healthy lifestyles and creativity/entertainment/leisure. As a partnering company, Rostelecom will provide the prize for the project which is deemed most creative by the panel of judges.

The contest aims to encourage children to create innovative and engaging internet projects which are age-appropriate to their peers. Further, contest organizers hope that programs such as the Generation I contest will help expand the use of global internet throughout Russia and raise awareness for efforts to improve the quality of internet available to children and adolescents.

Winners of the three categories will each receive grant money to be used to purchase a domain and web server space so they may launch their submissions online to the public. Each participant will receive some token for their efforts which will be furnished by other partnering companies.

Applications for the Generation I children's internet contest will accepted through Oct. 31. Further information about the Generation I contest can be found here.