Monday, May 21, 2018

Yekaterinburg’s Central Stadium renovation designs expected in March

During a Thursday contract signing between the Sverdlovsk region office of capital construction and the Moscow-based sport engineering firm FSUE, city officials announced that designs for the renovation of Yekaterinburg’s historic Central Stadium will be presented in March.

The terms of the state contract dictate that the stadium must be up to FIFA code and hold 45,000 spectators. Upcoming World Cup matches are slated to be held in the stadium once enhancements are complete, мпсо.рф reports.

Originally constructed in 1952, the newly-renovated Central Stadium will feature the option to reduce seating capacity to 35,000 seats during the Russian Championship matches. Redesigns will honor the original appearance of the stadium, which first opened in 1957.

“You do not have to break the style, architectural, and historical ensemble” FSUE director Alexander Vasyukov said, according to мпсо.рф.

Vasyukov said that if FSUE’s Central Stadium design plans are approved, construction on the stadium will begin in the first quarter of 2014.

Project managers said that the cost to renovate Central Stadium will not exceed the average costs of stadiums its size.

“Completion of urban ensemble and contemporary international arena clearly become the new symbol of Yekaterinburg - a city that looks to the future, and is proud of its past” Sverdlovsk Sports Minister Leonid Rapoport said, according to мпсо.рф.