Monday, November 12, 2018

Yekaterinburg youth to train veterans on computer use

The Ordzhonikidze district's Council of Veterans received renewed municipal funding this week to continue Education and Training Through Two-Way Communication, a program that enlists young people to provide computer training for veterans.

Now in its third-year, Education and Training Through Two-Way Communication was created by the Council of Veterans to combat computer illiteracy. The program features numerous course offerings designed to help older citizens use the internet to perform basic online tasks and to explore their cultural horizons. Training is conducted through lectures, practical and laboratory classes, seminars, individual and group lessons as well as distance learning workshops, reports.

Organizers believe the project also serves a unique learning opportunity for the tutors-- typically students of Ural Pedagogical University and the Ordzhonikidze school district-- as it forms a connection between older and younger generations and contributes to a sense of patriotism among today's youth.

Since its launch in 2011, Education and Training Through Two-Way Communication has provided computer and internet training to more than 250 Russian veterans. Upon completion of the program, veterans are equipped with the skills to send emails, browse the internet, use Skype and create their own social media accounts, according to