Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Koltsovo and Shremetyevo-Cargo to begin testing e-freight in 2015

Koltsovo International Airport announced on Wednesday that it has signed an agreement with Moscow's Sheremetyevo-Cargo, Russian's leading cargo airport terminal, to test e-freight technology in 2015.

Per the agreement, both parties have already begun preparations to begin using the e-freight electronic tracking system. On Jan. 1, 2015, the companies will commence use of e-freight on cargo flights along the Moscow-Yekaterinburg-Moscow route operated by Aeroflot.

"The joint project with Sheremetyevo-Cargo will allow us to reach a new level in the organization of production and in service of our clients," Koltsovo Director of Production Denis Bukin said. "Complete information about the parameters of arriving cargo will be sent within half an hour after departure of the aircraft. All the data will go into the information system of the cargo terminal that will allow us to plan operations for ground handling of the aircraft, the warehouse and inform the consignee of the arrival of the goods."

E-freight technology is a paperless international standard that tracks cargo shipments. Endorsed by the International Air Transport Association, the technology is expected to reduce processing times, expedite delivery of goods and lower costs for airports.

"Our company pays great attention to the development of information technology, so we have great interest in e-freight," Sheremetyevo-Cargo Director of Quality Andrew Vyskvarkin said. "Despite the obvious advantages of electronic technologies of information exchange in Russia, the project still has not found sufficient support at the state level. However, we think it's right to do everything we can to speed up the implementation of e-freight in our country."