Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Vladislav Krapivina International Children's Literary Award presented to three authors

Three authors were presented with the 2014 Vladislav Krapivina International Children's Literacy Award during a ceremony in Yekaterinburg on Tuesday.

Krapivina was joined by Sverdlovsk First Deputy Minister of Culture Vladimir Manturov in presiding over the ceremony. Manturov noted that 120 works of children's literature were submitted by authors across Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Denmark and the U.S. for consideration in this year's competition. The ten semi-finalists were all works by Russian authors, reports.

"The general impression of the works is very good," Krapivina said, according to "I am sincerely happy for all levels of work...those who became laureates earned this award."

As the winners of this year's Vladislav Krapivina International Children's Literacy Awards, Russian authors Stanislav Vostok, Anna Maria Kreutzwald and Nina Dashevskaya were presented with diplomas and medals engraved with Krapivina's portrait for their winning submissions of Forsya Korovin, Marta and Willie, respectively.

Dashevskaya's piece also received a special award from the Association of Libraries in Yekaterinburg.

"The work is about friendship and finding friends," Dashevskaya said, according to "The fact that friends can be close to us, and we do not see them. I would like to show that it was a dream [that] lead to real results."

The three winners were selected by literary experts in Moscow. A special prize, selected by popular vote among child readers, was awarded to Samaran writer Victoria Lederman for Calendar Ma, I am, reports.

"This year we have...the assessments of the the children themselves," Larissa Krapivina, a Vladislav Krapivina International Children's Literary Award board member, said, according to