Thursday, June 21, 2018

UBRD ranks fifth in customer popularity

Russian economic information agency Prime ranked Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development fifth in customer popularity among the top 50 national retail banks for the month September.

UBRD's Prime customer popularity ranking increased five positions over the previous month due to the larger number of online messages about the bank posted by customers during the month.

This month, Prime analyzed more than 20 million messages where customers have mentioned their banks to generate its September ranking. The messages were gathered from across 70,000 online sources such as forums and blogs.

Prime calculated that 6,135 customers have posted comments related to UBRD's work in September. Prime determined that the ratio of UBRD mentions to unique internet users for September was 1.7, corroborating UBRD's own analysis that 3,626 separate internet users posted about the bank during the month.