Monday, June 25, 2018

Classes begin at Ural State Mining University's new School of Journalism

The first session of Ural State Mining University's (URSMU) School of Journalism was held on Monday under the instruction of Ivan Kolotovkin, a well-known author from the VKontakte social media network.

Established this year in partnership with Typical of Yekaterinburg, URSMU's journalism program focuses primarily on online journalism and reporting practices related to social media and online communities.

Monday's class introduced students to basic concepts of journalism and journalistic ethics. After Kolotovkin's lecture on the features of informational texts in social media, students were given the opportunity to analyze the structures of pieces of journalism for their strengths, weaknesses and errors. For their first homework assignment, USRMU journalism students were instructed to find an interesting current event and write an article on it.