Saturday, June 23, 2018

Aardvark born at Yekaterinburg Zoo travels to Czech Republic

Star, the first African aardvark to be born at the Yekaterinburg Zoo, was recently sent to the Czech Republic city of Dzur Kralove nad Labem to appear in their zoo's African exhibit.

Zoo Dzur Kralove nad Labem is one of few European zoos committed to the protection of African animals. Situated on approximately 250 acres of land, Zoo Dzur Kralove nad Labem is home to the first giraffes born in Europe. Star, who arrived in Prague on Friday, will be the first aardvark of her species in the zoo's collection.

Born Feb. 28, 2013, Star is a rare species of African aardvark that had never before been exhibited in Russian zoos. At a weight of 55 pounds, Star has reached the size of both her mother and father who, along with her sister, will remain on display at Yekaterinburg Zoo.