Saturday, July 21, 2018

Chinese exchange student discusses life at URSMU

Jiyu Sun, one of 45 students from China accepted into Ural State Mining University's exchange program this year, recently discussed his experience thus far acclimating to life in Yekaterinburg.

Currently enrolled at Jilin University in Changchun, China, Sun had never been to Russia prior to arriving at URSMU weeks ago to study economics. Sun immediately noticed that people in Yekaterinburg seem more laid back than those in Changchun.

"...No one is in a hurry, they do not push [or] disturb anyone," Sun said. "There are fewer cars, the streets are spacious. And I like your climate--it is the same as in my hometown, so...I feel at home."

To Sun, the main difference between Chinese and Russian students is the amount of time URSMU commit to studying.

"Based on our tight schedule, Russian students are diligent in study," Sun said. "In China, we have more time for yourself, but here we are studying in the morning and in the evening. But I look at the Russian students, and I long to make as much effort in the classroom."

Sun's residential accommodations at URSMU, however, are not as comfortable as his dormitory at Jilin University.

"In truth, the local hostel [is] inferior to ours," Sun said. "In general, domestic problems [are] not important-- we will overcome them."

In general, Sun has felt welcomed by the URSMU students he has met on campus. He feels very comfortable asking for help from members of the URSMU community even as he struggles to learn Russian. Learning Russian is very important to Sun, who travels everywhere with an electronic dictionary.

"I would like to speak well in Russian, so I try my best," Sun said.

Sun does wish there were more Chinese food products for sale in Yekaterinburg.

"Very many of the products that are included in our daily diet [in China] are simply not for sale," Sun said. "And by the way, I noticed that the vegetables and meat in China are much cheaper."