Monday, May 21, 2018

Aeroexpress adds two new departure times to Kazan - Airport service

Aeroexpress recently added two new departure times for trains operating between the Tartarstan capital of Kazan and the Kazan airport.

The rail company began offering on Friday a five a.m., local time, departure from the airport to the city center of Kazan. Aeroexpress expects its early-morning service into the airport will be most popular among travelers with overnight flights. Passengers traveling to the airport from Kazan may also now purchase tickets for a six a.m. service.

Both added services will make a stop at the Jubilee station, situated in a residential area between the city center and the airport.

"A recent market research revealed that on the early morning flights Aeroexpress there is sufficient demand," Aeroexpress Director in Kazan Dean Garaeva said. "Our experts [studied] the possibility of introducing another pair of trains and took a positive decision. We always thinks about the comfort of the passengers and will continue to do everything possible to make our services convenient for all travelers."

Aeroexpress served more than 41,500 customers in Kazan during the first nine months of the year.