Friday, June 22, 2018

UrFU distributes Boris Yeltsin scholarships to 90 students

Ural Federal University Rector Victor Koksharov and Naina Yeltsin, Boris Yeltsin's widow, handed out scholarships to 90 UrFU undergraduate and graduate students during a ceremony on Thursday.

Named after Boris Yeltsin, the first President of Russia and a graduate of UrFU, the scholarships are awarded to students on the basis of academic merit.

"Your success has been made possible not only because of your gift from nature," Yeltsin said. "Hard work earned you this title. I wish that you do not disappoint your university teachers."

In her remarks, Yeltsin praised educators for contributing to the success of students. Also a graduate of UrFU, Yeltsin offered students a glimpse into life at the university during her and her husband's time there.

"Our undergraduate years were spent in a very difficult post-war period," Yelstin said. "One of the hallmarks of today's time is tough, sometimes brutal professional competition. But you, the Urals, are strong and cope with everything."

At the conclusion of the ceremony, Koksharov thanked Yeltsin for her moral and financial support of the university and presented her with a photo album of UrFU's best sports teams.

"Scholarships-- this is your contribution to the support of our talents, those who through their skill, labor, perfect learning and active participation in public life have proved that they are the best of the best," Koksharov said. "It is a sign of quality for all their life. They proved that they could overcome the difficulties and not give in to them."