Friday, July 20, 2018

UrFU women's soccer team advances to division championship match

Ural Federal University's women's soccer team competed against West Siberian State College last weekend in the third round of the Russian first division championship.

UrFU and West Siberian faced off for two days in Tyumen where they played two matches. West Siberian won the first match with a score of four to zero. UrFU was triumphant in the second match, scoring four points to West Siberian's one.

"In my opinion, the performance on the first day was due to a lack of impact from match practice," UrFU Senior Coach Igor Novikov said. "In fact the play schemes, which we are working on in training, should be 'sanded' during the competition, but teams in the region are not enough, it turns out that the main competition matches go after a two week break."

UrFU striker Zaliya Gazimova scored the first two goals of the second match against Western Siberian. Gazimova's quick and technical rebounding skills earned UrFU its third point when Western Siberian captain Alexandra Samordova erroneously guided the ball into her team's own goal. UrFU captain Alexandra Samorodova scored the team's fourth and final point of the match.

Currently, UrFU and Ufa are tied for the highest ranking in their division. They will compete for first place on Oct. 11-12 in Yekaterinburg.