Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Sverdlovsk students participate in WorldSkills 2014 Championship

A delegation of students from the Sverdlovsk region participated in the European WorldSkills 2014 championship held Oct. 2-4 in Lille, France.

Russia's WorldSkills 2014 team allowed students from across 53 regions of Russia to compete in fifteen different occupation-related challenges including auto mechanics, web design, graphic design, Mechatronics engineering, cosmetology, food service, hair styling, carpentry, culinary arts, robotics, welding, system administration, dry construction, refrigeration and electrical engineering.

This year's event in France drew 417 competitors from 25 countries. WorldSkills 2014 was also attended by 326 expert judges from across the world. Delegations from Brazil and China were also invited to observe the competition, but did not participate in this year's WorldSkills activities.

Alexander Nabotev, a student at the Sverdlovsk region's Economics and Technology College, competed in the refrigeration challenge this year. Nabotev trained for ten days in September at St. Petersburg State University of Refrigeration and Food Technology to prepare for WorldSkills 2014.

"The championship is organized at a high level," Yekaterinburg Economic and Technological College Director Vertil Vladimir said. "The technical base of the competition are very well-planned, all dialogue participants and experts in English only."

Six-year-old Tanya Leather was the youngest representative from the Sverdlovsk region to attend WorldSkills 2014. Leather plans to compete in future WorldSkills Junior competitions.

"WorldSkills Championships...[are] essential to improving the quality of training and help in the first place, to the prestige of blue-collar occupation," Ural State Economics University rector Mikhail Fedorov said.