Thursday, January 18, 2018

MGIMO professor elected president of U.N. Tribunal

Moscow State Institute of International Relations professor Vladimir Golitsyn was elected president of the United Nations International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea last week.

Golitsyn, who teaches international law at MGIMO, currently serves as vice-president of the Russian Association of International Law. Prior to his arrival at MGIMO in 2012, Golitsyn argued two cases before the International Tribunal of the United Nations Law of the Sea as general counsel for Russia.

In his role as president of the Tribunal, Golitsyn will oversee the settlement of international maritime disputes under the provisions of the Convention of the United Nations Law of the Sea which was established in 1982. The Tribunal is one of four U.N. settlement procedures available for parties engaged in international maritime disputes along with arbitration, special arbitration and appearing before the International Court of the U.N. Such measures are only offered to contending states if such diplomatic means as negotiations, consultations and conciliation are unsuccessful.

Earlier in the year, the Tribunal ruled against Russia in a dispute with the Netherlands. Russian authorities took possession of a Dutch ship occupied by Greenpeace activists after it attempted to dock at Russia's Priarazlomanja port in the Barents Sea. The Tribunal ordered Russia to immediately release the vessel despite the fact that Priarazlomanja is located within a 200-mile exclusive economic zone in Russia.

"[Said] judgement rendered against the Russian Federation is rather an exception," A. Vylegzhanin, the head of MGIMO's Department of International Law said. "This election increments the professional prestige and the oldest national department of international law-- the Department of MGIMO, and the whole science of international law in our country."

Golitsyn's first term as president of the Tribune will expire in 2017.