Monday, July 23, 2018

UrFU hosts conference on youth policy development

The Russian Federal Agency for Youth Affairs hosted a conference on youth policy development on Friday at Ural Federal University.

Moderated by UrFU pro-rector Oleg Gouschin, the conference gathered members of UrFU administration and various federal agencies to discuss the growing number of young people emigrating from Russia. Conferees reviewed a draft document containing several proposals for developing nation-wide youth policies spanning through 2025.

Officials expressed particular concern for the numerous young scientists who have left the country to pursue their studies and careers elsewhere.

"Some experts say that the draft [document] laid some pessimistic predictions," Federal Agency for Youth Affairs Advisor Renata Abdulina said. "In order to overcome this problem, we must act decisively and effectively."

Later in the session, reports were presented by Sverdlovsk Deputy of Physical Culture, Sport and Youth Policy Eugene Silchukov, Sverdlovsk Head of the Russian Union of Youth Elena Zvereva, Yekaterinburg Committee on Youth Policy Chair Vladimir Bobrov, Sverdlovsk Vice President of Youth Parliament Artem Lantseva as well as UrFU Student Council Leader Aslan Kagieva. Each presenter discussed ways to promote Russian competitiveness in a variety of areas relating to young people.

Similar conferences will be held throughout the year at federal universities in Volga, the far east and the Baltic. President Vladimir Putin is expected to present a more comprehensive youth policy development proposal on December 1.