Tuesday, May 22, 2018

UMMC completes pre-season training in Spain

Yekaterinburg's UMMC all-female basketball club will return to the Sverdlovsk region on Oct. 8 after completing pre-season training in Spain.

In attendance at this year's training session in Spain were Tatiana Popova, Deanna Nolan, Anastasia Tochilova, Elizaveta Komarova, Olga Arteshina, Daria Levchenko, Polina Sych, Alexandra Vasileva, Anastasia Levinskaya, Maria Stepanova, Natalia Anoikina and Ewelina Kobryn.

While in Spain, UMMC Yekaterinburg participated in two checkpoint games against Girona team-- one on Saturday and one on Monday. This year, six players from UMMC's junior roster were invited to train with their adult counterparts in Spain under the guidance of coaches Olaf Lange, Olga Korosteleva, Todd Troxel and Jenny Moshak.

Upon returning to Yekaterinburg, the team will continue to train prior to the start of the UMMC Cup 2014 season.