Saturday, July 14, 2018

Ural basketball team representatives discuss upcoming season

Ural basketball team President Anatoly Kontsevoy, Head Coach Oleg Okulov and Forward Dmitry Fleece held a press conference at Interfax-Ural's press center on Thursday to discuss the start of the 2014-2015 Super League season.

Kontsevoy began the conference by addressing player turnover from last season. Many Ural players left to play in more advanced basketball leagues. Ural's high status in the region allowed the team's management to be selective in selecting new players for this season.

"The team is born very quickly, the season is long," Okluv said. "I think that those players that we have brought under the banner of 'Ural', regardless of age and skill, will be very ambitious and will try to win."

Ural, the first league to win the Super League championship twice in a row, views Dynamo Moscow, Ryazan, Vladivostok and Surgut among its toughest competition this season.

"A lot is done in the Perm region in order to basketball developed," Okluv said. "I think that those will not be easy games for us."

Fleece, a 14-year veteran of the Spanish basketball league, has decided to stay on Ural's roster this year.

"My personal goal is-- to improve some aspects of the game," Fleece said. "I'm no longer 20 years old, I can't change something in the game. It will remain the same, and I will help the team any way I can to protect and attack."

Ural's first game of the season was on Saturday against Revda's Temp-SUMZ. The city of Yekaterinburg held a parade featuring representatives from 73 youth basketball teams prior to the start of the game. During the parade, members of the Ural team and Sverdlovsk Region Basketball Federation Head Viktor Ganienko watched the most talented young athletes play an exhibition match.