Tuesday, June 19, 2018

First double-decker Aeroexpress trains arrive in Minsk

Russian rail company Aeroexpress announced on Thursday that the first four double-decker trains manufactured by Switzerland's Stadler Rail Group have arrived in Belarus.

While stationed at Stadler's Minsk facility, the trains will undergo a commissioning process before being delivered to Aeroexpress' headquarters in Moscow.

Stadler, who handled the transportation logistics for the delivery of the trains, first loaded the vehicles into specialized shipping containers at Switzerland's port of Basel. The trains traveled by water to the port of Amsterdam, were shipped to the port of Sassnitz in Germany and finally arrived in Belarus via ferry. Ultimately, the trains will travel to Moscow via rail.

The delivery of the trains from Switzerland to Russia was impossible for Stadler, as the double-decker units are configured to run on 1,520 mm Russian railway tracks and are incompatible with the 1,435 mm European tracks.

The first double-decker train is expected to begin carrying passengers in June 2015. Aeroexpress' 2013 purchase agreement with Stadler called for the construction of 25 double-decker trains, with commercial operation of the final train scheduled to begin in June 2016.