Saturday, June 16, 2018

Sergey Schwindt holds session at site of Yekaterinburg Center for Enterprise Development

Yekaterinburg First Deputy Head of Administration Sergey Schwindt held a visiting session of the council of small and medium-sized businesses on Friday at the site of the Yekaterinburg Center for Enterprise Development.

During the session, Schwindt conducted an inspection of the corporate incubator's facilities and met with companies in residence there. Currently, the three-year-old incubator space hosts 182 employees of 40 resident companies in its 4,429 square foot facility. The center, which charges new companies a small fee to rent office space, is presently operating at maximum capacity, reports.

The Yekaterinburg Center for Enterprise Development opened last year inside the incubator space. Established in 2010 by the Yekaterinburg municipal administration, the non-profit center seeks to create new businesses and jobs within the city by assisting resident businesses with project development, production logistics and national and international marketing initiatives.

Schwindt discussed prospective areas of development for the center with members of the small and medium-sized business council as well as a number of topics related to business growth in 2015, according to

Though the Yekaterinburg Center for Enterprise Development does not issue grants or other financial subsidies, it supports small business development in the region through a variety of consulting, accounting, contracts and business modeling programs. Its services are available at no cost to residents of the incubator, who have come to depend on it for expertise in sales training, commercialization and human resource management, reports.