Saturday, June 23, 2018

Eugene Lipovich presents horticulture awards

Yekaterinburg Deputy Head for Improvement, Transport and the Environment Eugene Lipovich distributed awards for for best landscaped grounds and best florist during a ceremony on Friday.

"As the residents and visitors of Yekaterinburg [can attest], our city is prettier every year," Lipovich said, according to "The administration of Yekaterinburg tries to equip more and more urban sites [to please] the townspeople. This includes new fountains and new green areas. This year we completed the renovation of the park named Pavlik Morozov near the Opera House."

Tamara Blagodatkova, the chair of the Committee of Public Works, was also present at Friday's ceremony to celebrate the horticultural achievements of Yekaterinburg residents. During the presentation of the awards, Blagodatkova encouraged Yekaterinburg residents to continue their efforts to beautify the city and noted that Yekaterinburg has the potential to be on par with St. Petersburg in respect to its landscape design and garden culture.

"Even the smallest flower, beautiful track or street lamp lighting-- all contribute to the good mood of the person," Blagodatkova said, according to "Thank you for your good deeds."

Florist awards were presented to Beauty Queen salon and Atrium Palace Hotel under the Flower Kaleidoscope and Image categories, respectively.

"Yekaterinburg is transformed through the efforts of its citizens," Lipovich said, according to "Many thanks to all the companies that are actively involved in our contest...I am confident that next year's competition will bring us new ideas and new fantasy managers in the design of neighborhoods."