Sunday, May 27, 2018

Palace of Youth opens ecological training complex

Yekaterinburg's Palace of Youth held an official opening ceremony for its ecological training complex on Sept. 11.

The ceremony was attended by environmental students of Ural State Economic University and by members of the Sverdlovsk regional government, including governor Evgeny Kuyvashev.

"I understand the aspirations and feelings of parents and teachers when we took the decision on relocation and construction of the new building," Kuyvashev said during his opening remarks. "However we kept our word and built a real ecological center which will be a big boost for implementation of our large program, 'The Ural Engineering School.'"

Children from across the Urals area gathered in the ecological facility's exhibition area to participate in the Young Explorers of the Nature contest and Young Naturalist 2014 exhibition during the opening ceremony. The Young Explorers of the Nature contest gave young students the opportunity to compete in home canning, natural cosmetics and aromatherapy challenges. In the Young Naturalist 2014 exhibition, students showcased their amateur landscape designs before a panel of USUE experts.

The ecological training facility was created as a partnership between the Palace of Youth and USUE to address global concerns among university students regarding the deterioration of the environment.

"Today's ecological condition is one of the global problems of modern times," USUE Pro-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergey Rogozhin said. "All the problems today relate to the economy, politics and society. However, we have our own interest because the young naturalists are persons who know biology and chemistry. And they are our university prospective students."

During the opening ceremony, an agreement of cooperation was signed between USUE and the Palace of Youth to develop joint ecological education programs to be housed within the new facility.

"Today we have signed an agreement on cooperation in the sphere of ecological education," Palace of Youth Director Konstantin Shevchenko said. "I think that it is a new and promising area of development headed by USUE. For sure, we are always for everything new and prospective. And we will be glad to take an active part in it."