Monday, July 16, 2018

USUE celebrates Day of Financier

Ural State Economic University held a university-wide celebration on Sept. 8 to celebrate Russia's Day of Financier.

Organized by USUE's Department of Finance and Law, the university's Day of Financier activities included roundtable discussions, financial training exercises and practical challenges. Activities were open to students, teachers, staff members and other residents of Yekaterinburg.

The day's activities began with a training program lead by USUE's Institute of Finance and Law director Maxim Maramygin following the the ceremonial raising of the Day of Financier flag. Maramygin's training session, "Special-purpose financial unit for children's homes," was conducted in association with the Ural Bank of Reconstruction and Development and featured site visits to three area orphanages.

Those who did not participate in the Maramygin's program had the chance to attend a roundtable discussion on finance. During the roundtable, experts from financial institutions throughout the Sverdlovsk region discussed their jobs and offered professional financial advice to attendees. The discussion ended with first-time Day of Financier participants taking the oath of the financier in front of members of the professional community.

Later in the day, USUE Rector Mikhail addressed the Day of Financier participants, stressing the importance of financial literacy among students and residents of the Sverdlovsk region.

"It has already become a tradition that we celebrate the Day of Financier in the USUE together with many guests responsible for the financial sphere," Mikhail said. "Today finance means everything. Within the walls of our university we train the best financial specialists. We fully understand our responsibility. The financial module of our university headed by Elena Ovsyannikova is the most creative unit of our student community..."

Students also participated in a number of games including the "Kitchen finance" competition, which required students to purchase enough ingredients to create 100 sandwiches with a budget of $2.62. Other recreational activities included rock-wall climbing, games of darts and a ride on the Financial Awareness Tram, where passengers could ask finance-related questions to a team of experts while touring Yekaterinburg's financial district.

USUE's Day of Financier program ended with a roundtable discussion entitled, "Russian finance in the age of globalization." Representatives from the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Finance, the Bank of Russia, the Federal Treasury Department of the Sverdlovsk region, the Ural Bank for Reconstruction and Development and private tax and financial firms gathered to discuss issues related to personal, corporate and government finances.