Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Archaeological discoveries in Ufa suggest earlier foundation date

A team of scientists investigating a burial tomb discovered in the city of Ufa now claim an artifact suggests the city may have been founded earlier than was believed.

The tomb was believed to have been constructed sometime between the fifth and 10th centuries A.D. in the city of Baskortostan, now Ufa. More recent estimations by a team of archeologists from the Ufa Institute of History, Language and Literature indicate that the stone burial mound most likely dates back to somewhere between the fifth and seventh centuries, according to Itar-Tass.

Experts believe the burial mound was erected by the Turbaslin culture, which occupied Baskortostan between the fifth and seventh centuries. Archeologists began to discover Turbaslin artifacts throughout modern-day Ufa in 1958 during excavation projects in the Novo-Turbaslin settlements of the city's Blagoveshchensky region, Itar-Tassreports.

"Human remains and pieces of ceramics, including ancient pots decorated with ornaments, which were found on the burial mound, proved a challenge to an official version that the city was founded by [the] Tsar's warlord Ivan Nagoi and his Cossack supporters from the Kama region, who founded the Ufa fortress in 1574," Ufa Institute of History, Language and Literature Archeologist Vyacheslav Kotov said, according toItar-Tass. "The recent archeological discoveries suggest that the Ufa fortress was built on the site of the already existing city."

During the Middle Ages, present-day Ufa was situated in a heavily populated area in the southern Urals at the meeting points of the Belaya, Ufimka and Dema rivers. The civilization's proximity to three rivers allowed the Turbaslins to trade goods with members of the Byzantine and other central Asian cultures. Researchers now believe that the jewels, bronze, silver, amber and gold which adorn the ancient Turbaslin tomb were furnished by these cultures, Itar-Tass reports.

Plans to further research the burial tomb and the ancient city of Baskortostan call for another archeological expedition to be launched in three months. Experts hope that the upcoming expedition will provide proof of the exact age of present-day of Ufa and confirm that the city is among the oldest civilizations in the world, according to Itar-Tass.