Saturday, June 23, 2018

Yekaterinburg city duma forms new Accounting Chambe

Yekaterinburg's city duma announced on Tuesday that it has finished the formation of the first-ever Accounting Chamber of Yekaterinburg.

The announcement came following a meeting of the duma on Tuesday, wherein deputies approved the appointment of Alexey Bubnov as the Accounting Chamber's chair. Auditors Evgenia Rumyantsev and Larissa Voloschenko were also approved to serve on the newly-formed chamber, reports.

Earlier this year, the duma adopted a motion to create the Audit Chamber which was responsible for overseeing municipal audits and ensuring the city's financial activities were in compliance with federal law. Initially constructed as a function of the city duma, the Audit Chamber was ultimately disassembled after public hearings to amend Yekaterinburg's municipal charter, according to

As a result of the chart amendments, duma officials began creating the Accounting Chamber which, unlike the Audit Chamber, functions independently of the city duma. The Accounting Chamber will control the execution of the city budget, conduct project assessments of the city's ongoing financial programs and controls order management and disposal of city property.

Bobnov, Rumyantsev and Voloschenko have already begun assisting the Yekaterinburg city duma in the creation and ratification of the 2015 municipal budget, reports