Saturday, September 22, 2018

Pet groomers hold beauty contest for colorful animals

A pet grooming operating in Yekaterinburg received international attention this week when it held a beauty contest for pets which have been painted and dyed to look like other animals.

Contestants in the pageant included an emerald green cat with a dragon tail, dogs painted like zebras, a kitten colored to resemble Superman and a dog dyed to look like a bumblebee, reports.

"We decided to make a bright summer, pretty dog," said Ekaterina Aidimirova, the owner of the bumblebee dog, said, according to "That's why we decided to color it as a bee. It's a bright image."

Vasya, a Siberian cat whose grey fur was dyed green and whose tail was shaved to resemble a dragon's, was a favorite among the children who attended pet beauty contest, reports.

"We used harmless colors," the grooming salon owner and artist behind Vasya's crowd-pleasing dragon look said, according to "The manufacturers claim they have health effects from the extracts of special plants. They are delighted, enthusiastic about it. Children like [the colorful cats and dogs] very much."

Extreme grooming is also popular among some pet owners in both the United States and in China. The Beijing Association of Small Animal Protection reported that pet owners in Beijing spend an average of $81 million on pet grooming and novelty pet accessories each year, reports.

"Our panda design is one of the most popular," Beijing's Ruowen Pet Spa owner Sun Ruowen said, according to "Since this is the Chinese 'Year of the Tiger', our tiger design has also grown in popularity."