Sunday, June 17, 2018

Yekaterinburg administration continues efforts to monitor construction sites

Yekaterinburg's Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Regulation of Land Relations announced on Friday morning that it will continue to work to improve systems of monitoring construction sites to ensure compliance with municipal regulations

The department's involvement with construction site monitoring follows three separate complaints filed against construction companies working in the area by the city's Architectural Control agency, reports.

The first complaint was lodged against the builders of a multi-residential building with underground garage near a preschool in the city's Chkalov district. According to the complaint, the builders allegedly illegally stored construction waste at the work site.

Although the crews erected a temporary fence along the portion of the construction site facing the preschool, they allegedly failed to conduct regular cleanings of the area which presents a safety issue for preschool children as well as area residents. Moreover, the temporary fence was allegedly not in compliance with technical requirements and the structure itself could potentially injure citizens walking near the construction site, according to

A complaint was also filed against a construction site for a non-residential property in Chkalov where builders allegedly failed to post required information regarding the construction activities taking place. Municipal law dictates that builders must post an information board at the boundary of the construction site containing a graphic representation of the structure being built, the name of the structure, the name of the construction agency overseeing the work, contact information for all general and sub-contractors working at the site and the expected completion date, reports.

The final case to prompt the attention of city's regulatory department was against the builder of a hotel and underground parking structure on Yekaterinburg's Old Bolsheviks street. The complaint states that the developer allegedly did not post the requisite information board regarding construction activities and allowed construction waste to enter the nearby highway, resulting in damage to passenger vehicles. Additionally, the builders have not placed fences around the construction areas, which could result in injuries to pedestrians walking near the construction site, according to

Each of the three offending construction operations have received fines ranging between $5,000 and $10,000, reports.