Saturday, July 21, 2018

New business to exhibit at Big Ural Construction Complex

A manufacturing enterprise engaged in the production of polyurethane foam (PUR) paneling and fire-resistant polycianturata has been announced as the newest participant to exhibit at this year's Big Ural Construction Complex event.

The Big Ural Construction Complex will be held from October 15-17 at Yekaterinburg's CHSC exhibition center on Visotskiy street. Hundreds of industrial manufacturers and other construction technology developers will exhibit their products and activities during the Big Ural Construction Complex.

Aside from the production of PUR paneling and fire-resistant products, the newest exhibitor also produces industrial refrigeration and freezing units as well as university power heat insulation (PIR) products. It will showcase a handful of its insulated paneling products at the event including PUR and PIR sandwich panels measuring between 30 and 54.5 feet long, an assortment of freezer doors and devices used in welding, cutting and metals bending.

The identity of this and all other exhibitors will be released at the opening of Big Ural Construction Complex.