Tuesday, May 22, 2018

USUE and Palace of Youth sign environmental education agreement

Officials from Ural State Economic University and the Sverdlovsk region's Palace of Youth signed an agreement last Thursday to develop environmental education programs.

The signing occurred during a plenary session following the opening ceremony of Palace of Youth's new ecological center, where students from across the region can take classes and workshops devoted to environmental preservation and natural studies. Prior to the construction of the center, environmental education programs at the Palace of Youth were housed in its general academic building.

"I understand the aspirations, experiences of parents and teachers, when we took the decision to move, to build a new building," Sverdlovsk Governor Evgeny Kuyvashev said during the opening ceremony. "But we kept our word, we have built a real ecological center, which will really be of great help in the implementation of our extensive program with Ural State Economic University."

The center's opening ceremony was immediately followed by the "Young researchers of nature" competition as well as the opening of the "Naturalists 2014" exhibition, drawing the participation of students from across the Ural area. During the competition, students presented their projects in landscape design, civil engineering, natural cosmetics and aromatherapy. Following the presentations, the student submissions were showcased in the adjacent naturalist exhibition.

"The current state of ecology-- one of today's global problems," USUE Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs Sergey Rogozhin said. "All global problems are also relevant to the economy, politics and society. but we also have a direct interest because young naturalists--people who know biology, know chemistry...need our university."

The agreement of cooperation between USUE and the Palace of Youth to develop and present environmental education programs will be especially beneficial to USUE as the university continues to develop green economy initiatives.

"In fact, we spent a lot of joint activities and came to the conclusion that we need these measures somehow [to be] formalized and make some kind of a joint action plan," Palace of Youth Director Konstantin Shevchenko said. "We are of course always for a new perspective. And we will actively take part in it."