Friday, July 20, 2018

UrFU scientists to present ethnological research at Parisian conference

A group of scientists from Ural Federal University are preparing to present the results of their large-scale research project on nomadism in the artic at an international ethnological conference in Paris this November.

The research project "Mobility in the Arctic. Ethnic traditions and technological innovations" is the result of a collaboration between UrFU scientists and scientists from the Russian Academy of Scientists' Institute of History and Archaeology. In its final form, the research will be compiled into an atlas of nomadic mobility complete with visual, cartographic, animated and text-based information.

"Our new project is unique, we consider nomadism as a system of communication of mankind," UrFU Department of Ethnology and Archaeology Andrey Golovnev said.

Funded by a $130,000 grant from the Russian Science Federation, UrFU scientists made a two-week expedition to Chukotka Autonomous Okrug under Golovnev's leadership. During the expedition, a smaller group was dispatched to Kola Peninsula, Yamal and the Chukotka village. A team of ethnographers, cartographers, filmmakers and designers accompanied the scientists on the trips to creatively catalog the lives and activities of the nomadic people in each area.

During the trips, the researchers and documentarians measured the movement of the nomadic groups using techniques to gauge routes, speed and duration of nomadic movement.