Saturday, June 23, 2018

USUE holds Young Restaurateurs Forum at EurAsia International Culinary Salon

Ural State Economic University (USUE) organized the Young Restaurateurs Forum, a special learning event for USUE culinary students, during the 8th EurAsia International Culinary Salon.

Held from Sept. 3-5 at the university, this year's EurAsia International Culinary Salon brought together both student and professional chefs to participate in cooking technology seminars, develop their culinary techniques and compete in restaurant challenges related to front and back-of-house operations. The EurAsia Culinary Salon is the largest annual event dedicated to the food service and hospitality industry in the Urals.

The inaugural Young Restaurateurs Forum gave USUE culinary students the opportunity to train directly with three-time International Barbecue Festival winner Dmitry Tcekh. Tcekh, who also won the first season of "Master Chef Russia", gave a master class in healthy cooking techniques during the forum during which culinary students prepared his original recipes for salmon marinated in beets, mashed beef with curry, couscous, crispy shrimp and carrot mousse.

Participants in the Young Restaurateurs Forum were also invited to participate in recreational challenges such as the "Mustache and Beard" battle where renown chefs Vladimir Olkinitsky and Thomas Gugler critiqued culinary students on both their cooking skills and their facial hair. Afterwards, student chefs competed in the "Running" challenge, where they had to prepare a meal while overcoming physical obstacles in the kitchen.

This year, 20 teams from countries throughout Eurasia were invited to compete in the final challenge of the salon. The teams had 90 minutes to prepare a multi-course meal with both an appetizer and a dessert. The competition was held in USUE's FORUMCAFE, a full-service restaurant run exclusively by culinary and hospitality students at the university.