Saturday, June 23, 2018

Skolkovo launches More than Moore computer hardware contest

Skolkovo announced the start of the More than Moore contest last week, which will offer up to $400,000 in prizes to start ups that can incrementally increase processor speeds.

Under technologist Gordon Moore's current law, computer processors are quickly able to double in power every two years-- a model which has been consistently observed by hardware developers for more than 50 years. The More than Moore contest seeks to accelerate the pace of computer processor development.

"The aim of the contest is to find projects with high innovation potential to discover new data transfer, storage and processing technology," contest organizers said in a statement.

Skolkovo has invited technology startups to submit innovative ideas for hardware development during the period of September 15 to November 15. A jury of experts will evaluate each project and announce the 13 finalists on December 15.

Each of the finalists will qualify to receive prize money from Skolkovo's $400,000 reserve dedicated to the project. Projects may also receive additional funds from the contest's private sector partners including Intel, Frost & Sullivan and the Russian Communications Ministry.

Project organizers expect to receive approximately 50 submissions in the More than Moore contest's inaugural year.