Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg cyclists discover skeletons at area construction site

The Yekaterinburg branch of the Investigative Committee announced on Thursday that it has opened a criminal investigation following the discovery of two human skeletons at a construction area by a group of cyclists.

Investigators report that a group of teenagers mountain biking in a wooded area near the construction site of a future sporting facility discovered the skeletons on Sept. 8. The teenagers immediately notified local law enforcement officials who were dispatched to the scene that night, according to the Moscow Times.

The Investigative Committee's preliminary report indicates that the human remains may have been buried for a period of five to 20 years. Officials have not yet determined the gender, age or cause of death of the skeletons, the Moscow Times reports.

A forensics team is in possession of the remains and is conducting an examination to ascertain the circumstances surrounding the individuals' deaths and burial, which law enforcement agencies will use in their criminal investigation, according to the Moscow Times.