Thursday, June 21, 2018

Rostelecom begins expansion to Pervouralsk network

Leading Russian telecommunications provider Rostelecom announced last week that it has begun a large-scale expansion project in the Pervouralsk area that will extend optical network coverage to 97 percent of area households.

"The development of modern communications infrastructure-- a very important aspect of social development [in] Pervouralsk," Pervouralsk District Head Nikolai Kozlov said. "Maximizing the availability of internet services for the residents-- one of the priorities for governments and providers. From the solution of this problem depends on the successful implementation of important public projects, such as the 'Information Society' and 'e-government'. The development of optical communication networks [make] a direct impact on the quality of life."

Preparations for the Pervouralsk expansion project have already begun and Rostelecom expects approximately 11,000 area households will be connected to its optical network by the end of the year. The company estimates that approximately 45 percent of Pervouralsk residents already have access to the optical network via Rostelecom's existing infrastructure. Coverage is expected to reach 97 percent of area households when the expansion project is completed in 2015.

In order to more than double its existing coverage in Pervouralsk, Rostelecom will install optic cabling along Vatutina Weiner, Herzen and Trubnikov streets and connect the lines to its Gigabit Passive Optical Network (GPON) hubs. GPON technology is among the speediest and most reliable network connections in use by the telecommunications industry today, and has the potential to be further developed without additional hardware infrastructure upgrades.

Rostelecom's optical network provides subscribing households with internet connection speeds of more than 100 MB per second, allowing for fast downloads and reliable data streaming. The company has historically marketed its optical network services to residents who work from home or participate in distance learning programs, as well as those who use the internet to stream media. Rostelecom also offers an interactive television package through its optical network.