Monday, July 23, 2018

Double decker Aeroexpress trains leave factory for Russia

Six new double decker trains left Switzerland's Stadler Rail Group factory on Sept. 6 to join Aeroexpress' fleet.

The new Stadler trains were loaded onto special containers at the port of Basel and sent to the port of Amsterdam. From there, the train cars traveled by sea to Sassnitz and were placed on a ferry headed for Klaipeda. The train cars were attached to a rail system and sent to Stadler's factory in Belarus, where they will receive final testing and commissioning before being shipped to Russia.

Over the next nine months, Aeroexpress will take delivery of an additional 21 double decker trains from Stadler's plants in Switzerland and Belarus. Each train will undergo comprehensive testing and certification at Stadler's facility in Belarus. The first train will begin operating commercially in June 2015.

Stadler Rail Group won the bid to produce the inaugural double decker trains for Aeroexpress in 2013. Last May, Aeroexpress and Stadler signed a contract calling for the production of 25 complete trains, 118 cars in total. Between the period of June 2015 and June 2016, Stadler will ship an additional four trains to Aeroexpress to satisfy the terms of the contract.

Aeroexpress' new double decker train systems will increase the company's combined passenger and cargo capacities by 30 to 40 percent.