Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Uralochka accepting applications for new players

The Yekaterinburg Office for the Development of Physical Culture, Sports and Tourism has begun enrolling players for its Uralochka junior girl's volleyball team.

The Uralochka junior team was created by Nikolai Karpol, the team's first head coach, in 1974 as a reserve program for its semi-professional counterpart, the Ural area women's volleyball team. To date, more than 50 junior athletes on the Uralochka team have been called up to play semi-professionally. Thirty of those athletes have gone on to receive European champion and Olympic medals. Current Russian national teammates Marina Sheshenina and Victoria Rusakov began their volleyball careers on the Uralochka junior girl's team, Ekburg.ru reports.

Honored Coach of Russia Victor Dyakova is Uralochka's current head coach. Dyakova has won multiple Russian championships and holds silver and bronze medals in coaching from both the European championship and the Paralympic Games. He oversees the 19 coaches employed by Uralochka and will personally select the incoming teammates from the more than 600 applications expected this year.