Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Skolkovo presents Robonight robotics convention

The Skolkovo Foundation recently partnered with Open University to present Robonight, an all-night social event for robotics enthusiasts on Sept. 19.

Held at Moscow's Central Telegraph Event venue, Robonight will begin a 10:20 p.m., local time and will feature movies, games and opportunities to discuss issues and philosophies related to the field of robotics.

Robonight will begin with the screening of Spike Jones' 2013 film "She," followed by a special screening of "Mechanical Love." Next, attendees will play a game before participating in a discussion on the influence of science fiction writer Isaac Asimov on the shaping of modern robotics.

Throughout the remainder of the night, attendees can browse a technological art installation from the Hello Computer creative team, play video games in the XBox 360 Kinect zone, illustrate designs for robots and dance at the Robotodiskoteka.

Skolkovo is able to present Robonight through special partnerships with Microsoft, Autodesk, Hello Computer, Exo Atlet, Telegraph, Ray Just, Festival of Contemporary Scientific Cinema, Group 17 and National Instruments as well as with media sponsorships from Sk Review, Herald, ITAR-TASS and Monday.

Robonight is free to attend and requires advance registration.