Thursday, June 21, 2018

TMK concludes summer mentor program for area students

Last week, TMK announced that it has completed its summer mentoring program designed to prepare area students for the upcoming 2014-15 academic year.

TMK and partner Seversky and Seversky Tube Works worked with incoming students at 17 primary schools and six kindergartens in the Kamensk-Ural and Polevskoi areas to help the children develop good study habits and to reinforce lessons learned in the previous school year. Held at TMK's facilities, the mentoring sessions also featured sports coaching, technology training classes and culinary workshops.

Mentorship program organizers also conducted hands-on field trips to a number of area schools where students had the chance to assist crews in making repairs and enhancements to the buildings. Students helped replace windows, repair roofs, install electronic locks and intercoms, and helped redecorate classrooms and other interior spaces in the schools.

At the conclusion of the program, students were treated to a back-to-school dance sponsored by Seversky and Seversky Tube Works. Each child in attendance received gifts furnished by the Palace of Culture. At the dance, representatives from Seversky and Seversky Tube Works announced that they will be donating one digital projector to each school that participated in the mentorship program.

"Investing in the education of our children is the most reliable investment," TMK Director for Regional Development Mikhail Cherepanov. "We are interested in the fact that the younger generation [will] pursue knowledge, to obtain professional skills. TMK traditionally and with great pleasure mentors and advises educational institutions--are involved not only in the preparation of schools for the new academic year, but also in the educational process of students."