Saturday, June 23, 2018

Authorities investigate appearance of notebooks featuring Hitler biography

Sverdlovsk regional prosecutors have launched an investigation into the appearance of school notebooks featuring the image and a biography of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in several Yekaterinburg bookstores.

Officials were alerted to the sudden materialization of the notebooks by members of the Ural Parents Committee last Thursday. Currently, there are no reports specifying the number of notebooks circulated among Yekaterinburg bookstores, though investigators will not be pursuing punitive actions against the printing press which produced the notebooks as they do not promote Nazism in any over way, The Moscow Times reports.

Contained within the notebooks is a brief biography of Adolf Hitler, which describes the Nazi leader as the founder of national socialism and dictator of the Third Reich. The biography further states that Hitler committed many crimes against humanity during his lifetime and specifically mentions the Holocaust.

Hitler's 1925 political manifesto, "Mein Kampf," was banned by the Russian federal government in 2010, having been classified as extremist literature, according to The Moscow Times.