Tuesday, September 18, 2018

PepsiCo representatives attend opening of waste water facility in Lebedian

Last Thursday, representatives from PepsiCo Russia presided over the grand opening of a new waste water treatment facility in the Lipetsk city of Lebedian.

Construction of the $13 million water treatment facility was funded in part by the city of Lebedian and by PepsiCo Russia, which contributed $7 million to the project.

"The reconstruction of the Lebedian treatment facilities--one of the most important regional projects, an example of successful cooperation between the administration and the business for the benefit of the local community," Lipetsk region's head of administration Al Khripchenko said. "New facilities not only purified waste water in accordance with the Russian legislation, but also allow the city to take care of electricity from installed energy-saving technologies."

Lebedian's new water purification facility employs both mechanical and biological waste water treatment systems--a comprehensive approach capable of processing more than 4,000 gallons of sewage each day. The facility also uses deep water storage tanks wherein the biologically-treated water is further disinfected with ultraviolet light. As a result, water treated in the facility will not disturb the ecological systems in the Don River where the treated water is ultimately sent.

"PepsiCo is investing heavily in programs aimed at the conservation of natural resources," Silviu Popovich, the president of PepsiCo Russia, said. "Active part in the reconstruction of municipal wastewater treatment plants in Lebedian was another such project [for PepsiCo]."