Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Skolkovo Tech students receive hands-on experience with regional companies

Forty percent of Skolkovo Tech's undergraduate students are actively engaged in entrepreneurial activities in the IT and biomedical fields, according to school officials.

Vice Rector Raj Rajagopalan credits the high level of business involvement of Skolkovo Tech's student body to the school's emphasis of entrepreneurship in its academic curriculum. Skolkovo Tech students receive traditional research and theoretical training, as well as opportunities to interact with regional technology companies, many of which have been placed in resident clusters at the Skolkovo Foundation.

This academic year will be the third for Skolkovo Tech, an accredited university opened as part of the educational arm of the Skolkovo Foundation. The institution's new class consists of 176 undergraduates and post-doctoral students. At the conclusion of the school year, the university will send off its first graduates.

"The success of the first set of students is critical to promote Skolkovo Tech in the world," Rajagopalan said. "They are our ambassadors. They have a very positive experience of studying in Russian and in foreign universities. They liked to study abroad. And then they wanted to return to Russia. This is a very good indicator."

Prior to joining the administration of Skolkovo Tech, Rajagopalan worked as an educator at the National University of Singapore.