Saturday, July 21, 2018

Rostelecom upgrades internet infrastructure near Troitsky

Rostelecom announced last week that it has installed upgrades to the fiber optic infrastructure that serves the Sverdlovsk village of Troitsky in the Talitsky district, offering residents there internet speeds of more than 100 megabytes per second.

Approximately 1,800 households across 80 apartment buildings in the urban district will benefit from the increase in connection speeds. Rostelecom currently provides internet services to half of the village.

"Maximum capacity of internet services for residents of Troitsky--one of the priority tasks facing both local authorities and to the operators," district head Alexander Tolkachev said. "Of solving this problem is directly related to improve the quality and reduce the time the provision of public and municipal services, sustaining the official website of the city district, internet reception. I thank the team of Rostelecom for the work done."

Crews from Rostelecom upgraded more than 12.5 miles of existing data cables and added an additional 4.3 miles of new cable to enhance connection speeds in the village. Work on the communications infrastructure began at the beginning of summer and is almost entirely finished, meaning most residents have access to unprecedented connection speeds in the area.

"Construction of the optics in Troitsky [was] part of the new strategy of Rostelecom which provides for the accelerated construction of optical communication networks throughout Russia," Rostelecom's Yekaterinburg branch director Denis Sibirtsev said. "And not only in the cities, but also rural areas."