Friday, June 22, 2018

Sahlman Seafoods touts Promens' SAEPLAST container

Last month, Sahlman Seafoods of Nicaragua touted Promens' SAEPLAST insulated container that the company said has allowed it to increase its average production yield.

Until last year when Sahlman Seafoods adopted the use of the SAEPLAST container, the company averaged a production yield of 60 percent on its harvest of shell shrimp. Having switched to the Promens container, the company now averages a production yield of 85 to 90 percent in its shrimp harvests.

When harvesting shrimp from seafood farming tanks, the company must dispose of any shrimp that have been decapitated during the harvesting process. Previous methodologies employed by Sahlman handled the shrimp violently, resulting in an average of 40 percent decapitation rate. The SEAPLAST insulated container handle the shrimp harvests more gently and can quickly stabilize the temperatures at which the shrimp are stored, resulting in less waste and a fresher product.

"The main challenge in terms of quality preservation we faced was getting our harvested shrimp to our processing plant as fresh and fast as possible," Sahlman Seafoods Executive Director Virgilio Castillo said. "The goal is to drop the harvested shrimp temperature as quickly as possible to reduce the risk of melanosis and bacteria growth. Insulation and temperature control is key for achieving this. Producers need to rely on containers to transport the shrimps to the processing plant or to the final destination."

Promens Research Manager Bjorn Margeirsson said heat transfer modeling is used in the company's product development process to take temperature into consideration.

"We are constantly seeking optimal solutions for the broad variety of our clients' applications," Margeirsson said.