Thursday, June 21, 2018

Sverdlovsk consumer watchdog orders removal of American whiskey from shelves

Consumer safety officials from the Sverdlovsk branch of Rospotrebnadzor, the Russian watchdog group, recently ordered that all American imports of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey and Jim Beam American Whiskey Bourbon be removed from regional stores.

Rospotrebnadzor representatives allege that the American-produced alcoholic products do not meet regional health standards because their labels do not contain sufficient information regarding the contents of the product, RAPSI reports.

Additionally, officials maintain that Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey has not yet been verified as compliant with the Standard Sanitary Regulations of the region.

Meanwhile, Rospotrebnadzor agents have banned the sale of Jack Daniel's Tennessee Honey, a novelty whiskey product, after allegedly analyzing chemical substances in the product that are not common to whiskey, according to RAPSI.