Monday, June 18, 2018

City planning department warns against construction, development code violations

The Yekaterinburg Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations issued a statement on Wednesday, urging property developers to comply with the agency's guidelines of improvement or risk paying between $5,500 to $11,000 in fines.

The agency's guidelines apply to any person or company engaging in the construction or reconstruction of properties and include such mandates as ensuring there are off-site access roads to departure at construction sites and standards for cleaning the construction area after work is completed for the day, reports.

Further guidelines include scrubbing construction vehicles prior to their being driven on public roads to prevent the formation of unwanted concrete mixtures on public roadways. Additionally, all soil used in construction must be properly stored in containers to prevent run-off and foul odors in adjacent areas.

Fences must also be erected around construction sites for the safety of residents traveling nearby. Moreover, areas within 16 feet of the construction fence must be cleaned every day and must be free of debris and equipment for the safety of pedestrians, according to

"The city administration did not set a goal to increase the number of prosecutions for administrative offenses related to poor organization of construction sites," city agency representative Dmitriy Jurin said, reports. "Administration task is the development of policy improvement of the streets and appearance of Yekaterinburg, creating a bright image of the city and the creation of favorable conditions for the population in the construction and reconstruction of objects."

The Department of Architecture, Urban Planning and Land Relations has already issued 33 citations thus far in 2014. Approximately 30 percent of the citations deal with the lack of fencing around construction areas.