Monday, June 18, 2018

Koltsovo Airport employees win regional corporate Olympics

A group of employees from Koltsovo Airport took top place in the corporate Olympics, defeating all other employee teams from airports around the region.

The competition was held late last week at the grounds of Nizhny Novgorod regional airport. Koltsovo employees competed against teams from Strigino and Kurumoch airports in mini football, basketball, table tennis and swimming.

Representing Koltsovo were Igor Kadnikov, Mikhail Kalashnikov, Alexander Ryadkin, Maxim Muravyev, Vladlen Sundenban, Andrei Karpov, Konstantin Repin, Denis Shipigusev, Ivan Gredin and Nikolai Gredin. Koltsovo players took top place in the basketball and swimming, and second place in mini football and table tennis.

The Kurumoch airport team was named second place in the event, with the Strigino airport team taking third. Koltsovo Airport employees were also recognized for their discipline and received extra points for sportsmanship.