Thursday, July 19, 2018

Yekaterinburg official orders inspection of housing near Moscow State campus

Sergei Schwindt, the first deputy head of the Yekaterinburg city administration, held a meeting Tuesday to discuss the quality of housing situated near the Yekaterinburg campus of Moscow State University.

The municipal government has received several complaints that the houses located on Sisert School Street in the Ordhonikiedze district outside Moscow State University are uninhabitable and must undergo major changes in order to safely house residents. As a result, the municipal government dispatched three independent teams of inspectors to conduct a thorough review of the properties, reports.

During Tuesday's meeting, Schwindt announced that independent reviews of the properties in question did not meet the criteria to be considered uninhabitable. According to the experts who analyzed the results of the inspections, there are no grounds to recognize that buildings as unfit for habitation.

Despite passing municipal safety tests, the private owners of the homes have enrolled in a program to receive funding to make repairs to the properties over the next few years, according to