Friday, July 20, 2018

Yekaterinburg seeks hosting rights for 2018 World Festival of Brass Bands

Yekaterinburg municipal officials have started an initiative to seek hosting rights for the World Festival of Brass Bands in 2018.

The official announcement of the municipal government's intent was made last Thursday by Yekaterinburg Deputy Head of Social Policy Mikhail Matveev during the final planning meeting of the upcoming celebration marketing the 291th anniversary of the Urals, reports.

The decision to seek the hosting rights for the 2018 World Festival of Brass Bands was made after municipal officials noted the success of the brass band concert event which occurred earlier this month as part of City Day.

Additionally, Yekaterinburg's City Day celebration drew 350,000 participants this year, with no reports of crime or security threats-- statistics which give city officials confidence that Yekaterinburg is up to the task of hosting the international brass music event, according to

"In Yekaterinburg has developed a system of training and the events, which gives positive results," Matveev said, reports. "All planned activities were held at a high level. A huge thanks to all: and responsible services, and operators of sites. I am sure that for the 300th anniversary [of Yekaterinburg] we come to a new qualitative level."