Monday, June 18, 2018

Bulgaria promotes tourism in Yekaterinburg with new consulate office

Bulgaria recently opened a consulate office in Yekaterinburg to promote tourism among residents of Russia's Sverdlovsk region.

"Bulgaria is interested in involvement of the maximum volume of tourists from Russia and is going to set the new consulate functioning well," Bulgarian Minister of Economy Branimir Botev said.

The Bulgarian consulate in Yekaterinburg will allow area residents to quickly acquire tourist visas to Bulgaria and will provide information on popular vacation and cultural tourism destinations such as Vama and Burgas. The consulate will also help interested travelers coordinate air travel to Bulgaria through both large international airlines and smaller regional providers.

"Ural Airlines flying company had already declared about the multiple increases in flights on a route to Varna and Burgas," Botev said. "Personally, I think that the increase in the number of arrived to Sverdlovsk region tourists will reach 70,000."

Bulgarian tourism officials plan to closely monitor the popularity of the consulate in Yekaterinburg as they seek potential locations for similar offices in Novosibirsk, Orel and Kursk.

Currently, Russia is one of the five countries from which most of Bulgaria's international tourists come. Last year, an estimated 700,000 tourists from Russia vacationed in Bulgaria. The country is also popular among travelers from Romania, Greece, Germany and Britain.